Hey, I’m Yannick.

I am a German designer with a passion for detail while solving actual problems.
I really love designing both icons and interfaces but also for the web.
During my process I always strive for focusing on the things that matter to ensure a clean yet outstanding end product.

Icon Design

Designing for a language which can be understood by everyone all over the world.

Interface Design

Designing for a simpler communication between people and their devices.

Web Design

Designing beautiful websites with the intention of presenting important content.

So, this is me.

Back when I was twelve years old, I dived into the world of design. Soon after, I realized I wanted to learn more about it. Therefore I started teaching it myself.
It all set in with icon design since I was fascinated how those little pixels can express such big words.
In addition, I always had the dream of my own site being out there on the web, so I began designing simple websites.
Over the past few years things changed as I was very interested in designing apps. Especially for mobile devices, I just could not resist crafting clean but aesthetic interfaces.

Aside from all the design stuff, there are some other things I enjoy such as

watching movies
deep house music
flying drones

As that is it for now, I would like to thank you for stopping by! You are awesome!
If you have any questions or just want to chitchat feel free to drop me a line on or via email.